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Good wine is made in the vineyard

Our wines are made exclusively with grapes harvested by hand in our vineyards. The bunches are first selected on the vine, and then before being destemmed.


Its name is pronounced “she-neh” in the local dialect. In English, it translates to an emphatic “yes!” – the spontaneous reaction of one who, after drinking a glass of it, calls out for another one.

It’s a time capsule: the hearty wine of the farmland, the child of a simple and powerful tradition, reborn in the XXI century thanks to the tools and know-how of contemporary wine making.

Natura & Passione

It represents our “ecosophy”: the understanding of one’s environment which, driven by the synergy between its nature and our passion, yields knowledge and know-how.


Truly unique: made from a blend of grapes, not wines – the two musts ferment together.

Numero 1 Riserva

Our first-born wine, the first selection of our best grapes aged in our first barriques. Its label is a replica of the hand-written tag we used for the first vintage, which wasn’t released to market.

Villamagna DOC Riserva

Elegance, power, richness: the nobility of the wine from Villamagna.

Villamagna DOC

A quest for the truest-to-type wine from Villamagna.


Creamy and velvety effervescence, tertiary aromas from a long cuve-close second fermentation: our sparkling wine 100% made in Villamagna.