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Good wine is made in the vineyard

Villamagna is a small medieval village in the center of Abruzzo: in the geographical heart of the nation and, more important, of grape growing and wine making in the region. The town’s calling to vine growing, (and, in general, to agriculture), is attested by its own name (in Latin “big farm”) and is of very ancient origin. It appears for the first time in a papal decree by Nicholas II of 1059.

Viticulture benefits from an exceptional geographical position, halfway between the coasts of the Adriatic Sea and the slopes of mount Majella, which generates severe temperature excursions between day and night. But the truly distinctive feature of this territory is the extreme diversity in soil composition, which includes clay (wines with complex aromas and longevity), lime, and marl (structured and persistent wines, with rich and deep color).

agriCosimo Villamagna

Santa Lucia

Soil composition: silt and sand.
Microclimate: breeze from the Adriatic Sea, well balanced humidity. Sharp slope, facing south-west.
Varietal: Montepulciano, 40-year-old vine grown with tendone (capanna in the local dialect) training system, 20-year-old vine with a cordon training system.
This vineyard yield wines with high residual sugar content and strong acidity.

San Vincenzo

Soil composition: marl and ferruginous soil.
Microclimate: broad diurnal temperature variations, particularly in summer.
Gentle slope, facing south-east. Varietal: 20-year-old Montepulciano vine, cordon spur trained.
This vineyard yields powerful, rich wines.

Colle Maggio

Soil composition: clay.
Microclimate: broad diurnal temperature variations, particularly in summertime.
Near-flat slope, facing south.
Varietal: 20-year-old Montepulciano d’Abruzzo vine, cordon spur trained.
This vineyard yields wines characterized by rich and deep colors, complex aromas, longevity.

San Francesco

Soil composition: sand and limestone.
Microclimate: cool and breezy.
Steeply sloping terrain, facing north-west.
Varietals: 20-year-old Pecorino, Passerina and Chardonnay vines, cordon spur trained.
from this vineyard yield intense aromas, freshness, and fragrance.