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Meet Our Team

Nazario Proietto, founder and President.

Cathy Proietto, co-founder.

Colin Proietto, Sales and Marketing Manager.

Loredana Marino, General Manager.

Loriano Di Sabatino, Enologist.

Giorgio Obletter, Operations Manager.

Miranda Di Labio, Hospitality Manager.

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What We Believe In

We believe that experiencing wine opens windows onto a landscape of passion, nature, emotion, culture, history.

We believe that this experience should be contextualized in and built upon information on the territory, the winemaking tools and processes. Through the latter, we believe that the former can draw a more accurate map of the emotions contained in a glass.


Work With Us

We are always open to the possibility of new partnerships and interested in getting to know professionals and companies who share our passion. If you believe there might a potential for cooperation between us, please fill out this form:

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