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Our winery is organic, socially responsible, inclusive, functional, sustainable,

The winery was built on the hillside of Villamagna, facing the Adriatic Sea. Its position is unique, and we have committed to respect it since the design phase.

Our winery is socially responsible: during its design and construction, we relied almost exclusively on local materials and professionals.

Our winery is inclusive: it is perfectly accessible, free of architectural barriers, even in the winemaking and aging areas.

Our winery is sustainable: our 250-kW photovoltaic farm produces more electricity than we consume for all our operations.

Our winery is conceived on the principle of functionality, from its design to our winemaking operations: it is deeply inspired by the concept that “form (ever) follows function” by architect Louis Sullivan, a mentor to Frank Lloyd Wright. Even features of our facility which may appear as purely decorative elements have a specific utility.

agricosimo-cantina-vinificazione (9)

The area in front of the entrance to the wine-making area, including the hopper where the destemmer-crusher is housed, is fully covered by a 16-feet canopy with no external pillars. This airy architecture follows a very specific function: even in bad weather, the hopper remains dry, eliminating the risk of rain diluting the must.

In the destemmer-crusher, a double corkscrew-shaped feed auger reduces the pressure exerted on the bunches, which prevents the grapes from being cracked before pressing.

Hygiene is a core principle in our winemaking processes, starting from the harvest.

During winemaking, grapes, must and wine are moved almost exclusively through stainless steel pipes.

This focus on our process started on the drawing board. Our organically farmed grapes are rigorously selected, both in the vineyard and in the winery. This means working with high quality grapes, in a highly hygienic environment: the result is that our wines are wholesome. Things done well are good. And good things are good for you.