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We are not a historical winery,
but we have a good story to tell.

Villamagna, Abruzzo, Italy

In the geographical heart of Italy and Abruzzo

A wealth of personal histories that span across different businesses, territories, and lives – united by the love for and respect for wine.

When the company was founded in 2000 we were grape growers. During the first 11 years of activity, we focused exclusively on our organic and sustainable vineyards.

Four Cru...

Good wine is made in the vineyard

Our vines benefit from an exceptional geographical position, halfway between the coasts of the Adriatic Sea and the slopes of mount Majella, which generates broad diurnal temperature variations. But the truly distinctive feature of this area is the extreme diversity of soil composition.

...For Twelve Wines

Nature is our passion

Our wines are made exclusively with grapes harvested by hand in our vineyards. The bunches are first selected on the vine, and then before being destemmed.


agriCosimo Vi’

Dining and hospitality

Our cuisine reflects the company’s inclusive multiculturalism: dishes that integrate local ingredients and traditions with influences ranging from Piedmont to the United States.


Our hospitality meets the standards of a metropolitan hotel, transposed in the serene setting of a vineyard nestled between the Adriatic Sea and Mount Majella.


Our wine stands on its own legs

For us, responsibility means accepting the obligation and honor resulting from each action. Sustainability (in its broadest sense) implies an action that can bear the weight of its consequences.

We built our winery in 2012 with a focus on

Sustainability, social responsibility and accessibility

Where form follows function.


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